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This Policy does not apply to entries in the Financial Services and Commercial Services. Sites in these categories can not be marked as [VERIFIED].

Onion Administrators

Onion Site administrators can promote their links on The Uncensored Hidden Wiki. Promoted links will be moved to the top of the appropriate Main Page Topic Links page and protected against editing. Promoted links will be marked with [VERIFIED] and the onion address will be set in Bold. For example:

The onion site Administrators will need to prove that they own the onion address being promoted, and The Uncensored Hidden Wiki Administrators will verify that the address is not a phishing onion.

  • Non-commercial sites or site that offer free services will only have a one-time contribution to support the Uncensored Hidden Wiki, or may be done for free on a case-for-case basis, for a Promoted Link status.
  • Commercial sites will need to contribute every month to maintain the Promoted Link status.


Promoted links does not mean the site has been verified to not be a scam, only that it has been verified to be the same URL link that the onion site administrator is operating. It is only verified to not be a phishing site. The Uncensored Hidden Wiki does not take responsibility for users who ignore the warnings on top of the Main Page Topic Links.

Protected links [Protected Link] should only be used for the big-time markets like Agora, Grams and Nucleus that are prone to phishing attempts. Protected should be considered above verified, as these sites are so big that any alteration of their link should come from a very reputable source, such as a PGP signed message from its admin. These sites links are seldom going to change, so there is no reason for them to be editable. Verified should simply mean the site is indeed reachable with no reliable proof one way or another of the sites legitimacy, and that should be left up to the investigation of the user.