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Ask the admins anything. Please add your questions in the article's talk page.

  • Why are my edits not appearing?
This wiki uses moderation to prevent vandalism. Your edits are saved and will appear, once they have been approved by a moderator or administrator. As well, your editing may be temporarily throttled if you make to many edits with in a short period of time. If you get this error, wait for some time before attempting to edit again.
  • Can verified links be trusted?
Verified sites indicate that the site has been investigated through multiple independent sources to be legitimate. All verified links are highly scrutinized to determine their trustworthiness. Site owners may donate to have their site verified, however scam sites will not be eligible. If a site is determined to be a scam, the verified tag will be removed.
  • How do I verify my site?
To verify your site, you need to contact the site admin through email (PGP required).
Protected links indicate that a particular link is not community editable. These should only be used for high traffic sites such Agora, Grams and Nucleus that are prone to phishing attempts. Protected should be considered above verified, as these sites are so big that any alteration of their link should come from a very reputable source, such as a PGP signed message from its admin. These sites links are mirrored from reputable sources such as DeepDotWeb and r/darknetmarkets.
  • Why can't I edit some pages?
If you find yourself unable to edit some pages, it means that particular page has been protected for autoconfirmed users to discourage vandalism.
  • When do I become autoconfirmed?
All accounts are autoconfirmed after 7 days of existence. This is to prevent vandalism.
To become a promoted user, you need to demonstrate that you are a positive contributor to the UHW whose edits can be considered trusted and not subject to moderation. Regular contributors will always be considered for promotion.
  • What are the rules?
The rules for contributing can be found here.
  • What is your policy regarding censorship?
This site is a free-speech wiki. Nothing gets removed without the consent of the author (except spam).
  • Why won't the site load?
The site not loading may indicate a number of things. It could be a DoS attempt that is crippling the resources required to handle page requests. In this case, you should check all three links of the UHW to determine if the site is reachable. The primary link is Gx.jpg. The backup links (usually not online) are kpvz7kpmcmne52qf.onion.market, ev3h5yxkjz4hin75.onion.market, and uhwikih256ynt57t.onion.market.