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Dox is the compilation of information of a particular target. Reports usually consist of two categories of information:

  • Information in the Public Domain
  • Information target intends to keep confidential (secret dox - this is usually where more interesting things can be found)

Dox Content

Dox reports usually consist of the following:

  • Full Name
    • Internet Usernames/Handles/Alias
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Address of Residence(s)
  • Address of Workplace(s)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • E-mail Address(es)
  • IP Address / ISP / Domain
  • Hacked email and ISP account information
  • Info on Friends/Family
    • Associated Parties (if applicable)
    • Criminal Records
    • Financial History
    • Civic Notability
    • Misc. Info
      • (anything personal from Political Affiliation to sexual orientation to medical history)

Foreign addresses can be a bit hard to decipher. If you have something like a Danish address (Adress:Ekholmsnäsvägen 114 - 181 64 LIDINGÖ) put some kind of note into the bottom, or better yet, split it up int Zip code, street address, house number, etc. This is to be done for BOTH Americans and Europeans.

External Links

  • SSNDOB.CC[ Clearnet link! ] - Search for Social Security Numbers, Date of Births, and some Address history for a small fee of 3.5$. Lookups are free, you only have to pay if the persons ssn and dob are in one of many databases. Bitcoins accepted.
  • Intelius[ Clearnet link! ] - This service requires a credit card, so if you are looking to do any serious dox work, we would suggest not using a credit card that can be linked to you in any way (If you catch my drift).
  • People Search & Background Checks[ Clearnet link! ] - This service requires the use of credit card too, but it is very cheap and it has lots of good information other sites do not offer.

Free Sites

  • Whitepages People Search[ Clearnet link! ] - Search for people in the US/Canada by name / location / state / age.
  • Whitepages Reverse Look-up[ Clearnet link! ] - Got a telephone number & need to find the owner? Use the reverse lookup to get the owners address with landlines or carrier & general location with cellphones.
  • Whitepages Neighbour Finder[ Clearnet link! ] - Need to confirm dox? send condoms[ Clearnet link! ] & lube[ Clearnet link! ] to them in the targets name or simply to generally harass them via telephone.
  • Zaba Search[ Clearnet link! ] - No Success with Whitepages? Try this
  • Criminal Record Searches[ Clearnet link! ] - Even minor traffic offenses can be found & if they've been arrested you can usually find a mugshot at the respective police department's website.
  • Google Maps[ Clearnet link! ] - Use Google maps / Streetview to dig up pictures of the target's residence. Large amounts of the USA / Europe / Australia are now covered by Google Streetview making it easier for you to direct prostitutes to the targets address.
  • Username Checker[ Clearnet link! ] - Check to see if a username has been used on over 9000 websites.
  • Whois[ Clearnet link! ] - Does the target own a website? Search to see the registrants name, address, email & telephone. Note that some people choose to register their domain though a privacy service that protects the registrants information.
  • Pipl[ Clearnet link! ] - Searches quite a few different places, including social networking sites, public records, and other pages you may not find on google.
  • Google[ Clearnet link! ] - Google their name, email address. Use Google's cache to its full advantage - some forums require registration to view profiles / search often you can view them simply by clicking on the cached button on the search, do the same for sites that are down. Common Sense applies here, if you lack it proceed here[ Clearnet link! ].
    • Google Image Search[ Clearnet link! ] - You can use the reverse search tool to see what sites have pictures of the person you're gathering dox on.
  • 411[ Clearnet link! ] - The white pages phone directory is your source for free people and business searches in the US and Canada on
  • Google Phonebook[ Clearnet link! ] - Just follow the directions in the search box. Be warned, results are easily removable so people might show up other places but not here. MADHAX: adding &pb=r to the search url makes it work, this is already done for you in the link BTW.
  •[ Clearnet link! ] - Yet another number lookup service, with lots of results

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