Anastasia Muntean

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Anastasia Muntean
Nastia Muntean 01.jpg
Caption: Nastia Muntean at age 13
Name: Anastasia "Nastia" Muntean
Model Name(s): Nastia-little
Date of Birth: (1991-12-16) December 16, 1991 (age 25)
Nationality: Moldovan
Siblings: Sveta, Sabina, and Artiom
Year(s) Active:: 2001-2008
Active?: No
Modeled for: Eternal Nymphets
Eternal Aphrodites
Swiss Arts

Anastasia Muntean, also known as Nastia Muntean or Nastia-little, was a well-known model for Eternal Nymphets, Eternal Aphrodites, and Swiss Arts. She was known for her freckles which covered her face.


Born on December 16th 1991, Nastia was the second oldest of 5 children. Her family primarily spoke Russian, but also spoke Romanian. Her family was very poor. During the time she was modeling, her mother worked as an model agent and her father was an electrician. However, her father had been an invalid for several years. The origin of the name Nastia [pronounced NAHS-tya] is Russian and is a diminutive form of the given name Anastasia.

Nastia's first nude modeling sets was with Eternal Nymphets in January 2001 with photographer Alexander Fradis, under the model name "Nastia-little", when she was 9 years of age. Her oldest sister, Sveta (Sveta-big from EN), and her younger sister, Sabina, also modeled with her for Eternal Nymphets and Eternal Aphrodites. She also had a younger brother named Artiom, and a younger cousin, Iulia Muntean who modeled for Swiss Arts between 2005-2008. Many of the photo sets were taken near the coastal resort of Odessa, Ukraine. Most of the photography took place on weekends, when the girls were out of school. They were payed about $50 per weekend session. At the time, Eternal Nymphets models were known only by their first names translated into English. If several girls had the same or similar names, then then small, middle or big would be added to the end of their first names.

"Since several girls feature the same name we have opted to differentiate by adding small, middle or big to their names (Sveta little, Sveta middle and Sveta big for example) because their last names are simply too complicate to remember and we don't want to publish their full names for security reasons." -Daniel Leuenberger

After the split between Eternal Nymphets founder Daniel Leuenberger and Alexander Fradis in mid 2001, she continued nude modeling for Daniel Leuenberger's Eternal Nymphets and Eternal Aphrodites until February 2002. When Daniel Leuenberger ran in to legal trouble in February 2002 because of his involvement with the Eternal Nymphets and Eternal Aphrodites nude sets, he shut down the Eternal Aphrodites site and re-started Eternal Nymphets to feature entirely non-nude photography. Nastia continued to do non-nude modeling for Eternal Nymphets until 2004.

In 2005, Leuenberger started Swiss Arts studios based in Chisinau, Moldova, and she was given her own subscription-based Swiss Arts website ( Customers were charged 1,30 USD per picture for customs. She continued doing photo shoots for Swiss Arts along with her siblings Sabina, Iulia, and Artiom until November 2006. In the April of 2005 she posed topless in four custom sets, presumably for Swiss Arts, though there is no logo. However, the camera profile and editing software matches her official Swiss Arts sets..

List of Sets

  • Eternal Nymphets (as Nastia-little)
    • 3 Girls and a Monster
    • Blue Denim
    • Body Painting
    • Brown Sugar
    • Contrasts
    • Dreamhouse
    • Forest
    • Freckles
    • Fresh Wind
    • I Want to be a Cat
    • Late Evening
    • Like a Dream
    • Long Way
    • Lost Wheel
    • Nastia
    • Parasol
    • Quatro Infernale
    • Red Circle
    • Ruins (1 photo)
    • Sand Castles
    • Short Stories
    • Sun of July
    • Sveta's Little Sister
    • Tea Time
    • Two Hobby Painters
    • Two Youngsters
    • NoNude-Bigmac
    • NoNude-Cinema
    • NoNude-Fresh Cherry Time
    • NoNude-Lunapark
    • NoNude-Lunapark2
    • NoNude-New Clothes, The
  • Eternal Aphrodites (as Nastia-little)
    • The Big Bed
    • Opening the Cocos
    • Shopping for New Year
    • shoppingfornewyearhq.mpeg
  • Eternal Nymphets 2 (as Nastia-little)
    • 012
    • 034
  • Swiss Arts (as Nastia Muntean)

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